Moving People and Products

All roads lead to Chaffee Crossing, distinctly situated at the center of the U.S. transportation grid. The region is recognized as a hub for moving anything and everything by trucks, railcars, airplanes and river barges. An intergovernmental authority, Western Arkansas Regional Intramodal Transportation Authority (RITA), monitors existing infrastructure and oversees planning and development for new shipping locations and methods. Chaffee Crossing executives and regional railroad officials have opened discussions about the location of a $7 million railroad connection that would serve manufacturers in the industrial district. A regional port that would serve Chaffee Crossing and other businesses in the region is also under consideration.

The earth is being turned over on many corners in the industrial district at Chaffee Crossing. Four thousand acres of land stand shovel-ready for new businesses. Currently, 64 tenants occupy existing structures located throughout the development. A recently adopted land-use plan is structured but allows for flexibility in zoning.

Area educators are seeking to build schools and training facilities nearby. The combination of education and industry in this district will also create an even stronger workforce.

Site Profile
•  First-rate infrastructure
     Access to Interstate 40 and Interstate 49
     Class I Rail (2) and Short Lines (4)
     Arkansas River Port
     Multiple Trucking Terminals and Warehouse Facilities
     Intermodal Handling Facilities
•  #1 Manufacturing Hub in Arkansas
•  Fort Smith has exceptional, well-established supply chains
•  Highly skilled, cross-trained workforce
•  "Right to Work” state

•  Windmill tax exemption

•  Attractive land costs in new, proactive industrial district
•  Shovel-ready tracts
•  Flexible, industrial-friendly zoning
•  Great local and state incentives

•  LOW costs of:
       Doing business  

•  Conventional energy - electric and natural gas

•  Communications Technology - Fiber optic networks offered by four providers.

•  Outstanding quality of life – Arkansas is” The Natural State”



A global supplier of specialty papers and engineered products, Glatfelter delivers more than quality paper products. The Pennsylvania-based company purchased the former Mitsubishi facility at Chaffee Crossing in early March 2016 with plans to open the facility in late 2017 or early 2018. The company plans to initially employee 83 workers who will manufacture baby wipes and personal paper products. Visit site here.

Phoenix Metals 
Phoenix Metals announced in March 2013 that it would construct a $12 million, 65,000 square foot metal processing plant at Chaffee Crossing. Known for its high-tech work with aluminum and other metals, Phoenix Metals will build a modern facility with room for expansion on 11 acres at the corner of Chad Colley and Roberts Blvd. The Norcross, GA-based company is owned by Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co. When the plant is fully operational, it will have created 40 new jobs. Visit site here.

Graphic Packaging 
The first manufacturer to stake a claim at Chaffee Crossing was Graphic Packaging International, a recognized innovator in package manufacturing. The Fort Smith division is a 326K sf sheet-fed operation which employs 370 workers. Visit site here.

Mars Petcare
Mars Petcare is now occupying a new 250,000 sf facility which will create 250 jobs. Mars Petcare is the only manufacturing company in Arkansas to attain the prestigious GOLD LEEDS Certification. Visit site here.

Umarex USA
Umarex USA has built a 100,000 square foot facility on Chad Colley Blvd. The air rifle manufacturer will expand its current work force to 60 jobs upon completion of the plant. Umarex USA also plans to manufacture Walther handguns (see Walther Arms below). Visit site here.

Walther Arms
The parent company of Umarex USA, Walther Arms announced that Chaffee Crossing would be the location of its North American headquarters in November 2012. Walther is known for the PPK model's relationship with the James Bond 007 character, however the company manufactures several models which are most notably sold in Walmart Stores. Currently, both companies manage distribution from the Chaffee Crossing plant, however in late 2013, a $7 million expansion began which will expand the building and add manufacturing in the near future. Visit site here.

Affinity Chemical 
Affinity Chemical manufactures and supplies quality Aluminium Sulfate with proven performance and value for water chemistries in for markets such as pulp and paper mills, municipal potable and waste water, the poultry industry and others.The company offers various grades of alum and produces custom made forms of aluminum sulfate, including:acidified chemistries, polymer blends and copper blends. Visit site here.

Industrial Precast 
This third generation business at Chaffee Crossing produces pre-cast concrete for industrial use, highway and interstate projects, retention walls and other large-scale projects that  Contact information.

Transportation Services

Interstate 40 / Interstate 49

Interstate 40 connects the east coast to the west coast of the United States across Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, northern Texas, New Mexico and California. Recently a new section of Interstate 49 opened at Chaffee Crossing, connect western Arkansas to Winnipeg, Canada. This intersection of two major interstates provides ideal access to rail service and river ports as well as highway access to major metropolitan cities of Little Rock, Kansas City, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Dallas, Shreveport, Memphis, Nashville and more.

Fort Smith Railroad/Pioneer Railcorp 

Fort Smith Railroad, a division of Pioneer Railcorp, is the primary rail service to Chaffee Crossing. Once freight enters the development, it is served on the Fort Chaffee Redevelopment Authority short line. Customers like Affinity Chemical enjoy the convenience of railcar delivery to their facility.

Five Rivers Distribution 
As operator of the Ports of Van Buren and Fort Smith, Five Rivers Distribution also serves as a knowledgeable resource for the Intergovernmental Authority which monitors existing infrastructure and oversees planning and development for new shipping locations and methods. Discussions are currently underway regarding the potential development of a regional port that would serve Chaffee Crossing and businesses in the region, making this relationship very critical. Visit site here

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