Design Guidelines


Download Chaffee Crossing Developer Application


Download Chaffee Crossing Design Guidelines


Download Chaffee Crossing Variance Request Form


City of Barling

City of Barling Zoning Map

City of Barling Zoning Ordinance


NOTE:  The Development Application, Checklist, Variance Request, and supporting plan documents must be submitted in electronic form two weeks prior to the scheduled DRC meeting date. Check our website calendar for exact dates. 


Forward all application documents to Rosemary I. Stallings: / (479) 452-4554


FCRA Design Review Committee (DRC):


Brenda Andrews - Chairwoman, City of Fort Smith Planning and Zoning Department

Steve Core - City of Barling, City Administrator
Ragon Clements - Ronald Ragon Realty, Owner

Steve Hotz - Sebastian County Judge

Scott Archer - HSA Engineering, Principal

Daniel Mann - FCRA Executive Director & CEO


FCRA Real Estate Review Committee (RERC):


Paul McCollom - Chairman, FCRA Board Member

John Ciesla - FCRA Board Member

Janie Glover - FCRA Board Member
Scott Archer - FCRA Board Member
Chuck Peacock - FCRA Board Member


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