FCRA BRAC documents 


The following are government documents that accompany the Fort Chaffee Redevelopment Authority real estate contract.


FCRA Indenture of Trust.pdf











Environmental Baseline Survey
Environmental Impact Statement, Vol. 1
Environmental Impact Statement, Vol. 2
Environmental Assessment Update, 2008
Finding of Suitability to Transfer I
Finding of Suitability to Transfer II
Finding of Suitability to Transfer III
Finding of Suitability to Transfer IV
Finding of Suitability to Transfer V
Land Use Controls Implementation Plan

EPA Ready for Reuse.pdf


MOA – FCRA and Army
MOA – FCRA and City of Fort Smith
MOA Boundary and Municipal Services Agreement – FCRA, Fort Smith and Barling


Recent News

Jan 11, 2019

Chaffee Crossing-based Arkansas Colleges of Health Education president Kyle Parker gave some insight into the future developments planned for the campus. They include asking locals to help medical students fall in love with the community so they will stay and practice in the region after graduation.

Jan 11, 2019

In a Western Arkansas Intermodal Authority board meeting on January 9, 2019, executive director Mat Pitsch told the board the I-49 project is not dead even though a letter from ARDOT director Scott Bennett reports that the HNTB study determined tolling would not support the cost of constructing 13.5 miles of interstate and a new bridge across the Arkansas River between Chaffee Crossing and Alma, Arkansas.

"Looking at bigger projects, Pitsch told the board that ARDOT Director Scott Bennett had a study done on the feasibility of a bridge and a roughly 13-mile section of I-49 north of Fort Chaffee that would connect Highway 22 in Sebastian County and the I-40/I-49 interchange in Crawford County to be a toll system. The timing for that section of the interstate would have to be started within the next five years," he said.

“No one wanted to commit to a 13-mile section, but by doing it the way he did, he could see who might be interested in a toll contract on the highway without having to commit to starting the entire project,” Pitsch said. “It was a very smart way to do it. We don’t know if any of the (interstate) will be toll, but by using funds for the study, it was a commitment that construction on that section would have to be started within five years.”

Jan 10, 2019

Arkansas Colleges of Health Education announced plans to develop a healing garden and wellness park on their campus.

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